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Peruri Complies with the Procedure in Nepalese Excise Stamps Tender

04 August 2020

P R E S S   R E L E A S E 

Number : 18/PR-PERURI/VI/2020


Peruri Complies with the Procedure in Nepalese Excise Stamps Tender


Jakarta, June 26, 2020 – Correspond with press release by The Kathmandu Post on June 21, 2020 in regard with Contract signing of Nepalese excise stamps tender between Peruri and IRD, it is to confirm that: 

  1. The engagement of Peruri in the tender of security printing, supply and delivery of excise stamps has been qualified through international standard procedure held by IRD as the tenderer. Peruri also has successfully submitted valid documents to the IRD on November 14, 2019 while the tender process itself was officially completed on March 22, 2020 in which Peruri was granted by IRD as the winner of the tender.
  1. The withdrawal of Peruri from the tender was caused by the unsuccessful negotiation between Peruri and IRD following the proposal of Force Majeure submitted by Peruri regarding the global pandemic Covid-19 that has affected all institutions throughout the world as well as Peruri. 

"We should also inform you that for the last few years, Peruri and IRD actually have been maintaining very good cooperation. However, it is very common in business that the cooperation will not happen whenever one party is not capable of fulfilling the commitment as the cause of unexpected matter, especially caused by global pandemic like Covid-19. We believe that IRD could understand us, however our institution is also subject to the tender regulation which was agreed. We do hope that the fruitful cooperation between Peruri and IRD still remain maintained in the future." Fajar Rizki, Director of Business Development clarifies.




Issued by : Corporate Secretary c.q. Corporate Communication Bureau

Contact Person(s) :

  • Adi Sunardi, Head of Corporate Secretary (+6221-7395000 ext 1120)
  • Evan Septantyo, Head of Corporate Communication (+62 821 3647 4848)